Starting young with
sanitation awareness


Sujay Sanan

The Book: The book is an initiative of the GIZ in India to promote awareness on matters of sanitation and health among young school children.

The Process: We worked closely with the author, Dr. Sybyll Hoffman, to create characters for her story that were visually rich and relatable for children in India. These characters and their environments were drawn from our personal experiences of growing up in rural and sub-urban India, to tell an authentic story in every frame.

The Outcome: The book has been published in Hindi and English, with thousands of copies being distributed to hundreds of schools across the country. The visual style has been taken forward into calendars and the design of a certificate of excellence for schools that improve their sanitation with help from GIZ.

The Story
The story follows the life of Ayush, a young boy who bravely speaks out against the unsanitary condition of the toilets in his school. His voice is heard by a reporter and his story is published in the local newspaper resulting in a drive for sanitation awareness and cleaner toilets at the school. The book's simple typographic theme is evocative of newspaper cuttings.
Characters with Depth
The characters in the book have been brought to life through the development of comprehensive back-stories for each persona. These stories define how they look and act along with visual details that allude to vocations, hobbies and relationships that come together to enrich the short story.