Nurturing the next
big name in art

Branding / Print / Digital

The Egg Art Studio

The Gallery: A contemporary art gallery and studio that differentiates itself from the others by not only identifying and curating the works of new and innovative artists but also mentoring them in their early careers. This close relationship in mapping the artists' trajectories allows potential art buyers to invest in new art with confidence.

The Design: The name 'The Egg' was chosen as a quirky moniker hinting at the gallery's role as mentor and nurturer to young artists. With a conscious decision to embrace the familiar form the name conjures in one's mind, the visual of an egg is used subtly in the logo and more boldly across communication material to create an instantly recognisable identity.

A Second Look
While the art world is constantly looking at what is new and innovative, the business of art has a more conservative face. As a new gallery, The Egg needed to be seen as respectable when set next to the older establishments, while still standing out and appealing to its younger clientele. An element of graphic wit hidden within the simple logotype aims to bring a smile to the more observant viewer's mind.
The Posters
The gallery advertises its new shows through printed and digital posters that are displayed around the city and published over social media. The unmistakable form in the design makes the posters distinguishable at a glance.